Humans Role in Intensifying Natural Disasters – Survival Game

Natural disasters are an integral part of the physical and biological processes on Earth and nature recovers itself from the impacts of natural disasters through a process known as natural recovery. It is required for the continued health of our planet just like you feel good after going through a treatment.

Impacts of natural disasters on humans

Natural Disasters

It looks so easy to read that nature recovers itself from natural disasters so why humans need to worry about them. But I haven’t finished my sentence yet. Yes, nature recovers itself but the natural processes are so slow and time consuming that for years the impacts can cause unproductive resources. This is the case where we have not considered the interference caused by humans in the natural process. This article is meant to explore the role of humans in triggering natural disasters and effective natural recovery thereafter.

Role of Humans in Intensifying Natural Disasters:

Though natural disasters are part of our environment but it has been discovered that humans either intensify the consequences of these disasters or they intensify the disaster itself. We have altered our nature in so many ways according to the need of civilization that we forgot the long term impacts of these interferences with the nature. It has become the tendency of human beings to ignore the impacts of their activities until it’s too late.

We have interfered with the nature in many different ways which includes mining, construction, deforestation, hunting and poaching wildlife, urbanization, disruption of many complex food chains by wiping out species and bad agricultural practices etc. Not only we have interfered with the natural processes, we have also triggered human induced global warming due to excessive exploitation of fossil fuels. Without even analyzing the consequences of our use of natural resources, we have not refrainfrom further exploitation of natural resources.

Natural Disasters: Game of Survival

With our interference in maximum biological, climatological and geological processes, we and all other species on earth face a new game of survival. The natural disasters have not even intensified but the rate of disasters has also been increased. The disasters are more fetal and they cause more loss than ever. Not only disasters have intensified, the after effects of the disasters are becoming increasingly vulnerable to humanity. It’s the humanity who have to be blamed since we are responsible for the changes in natural cycles.

Adding to this environmental stress, growing population is further intensifying the impacts of natural disasters. Though food production has coped with this population rise, but the soil will not be able to sustain the stress of this productivity for a longer duration.

Repairing natural ecosystems and speeding up the natural recovery will soon find it place in global priority issues and it should be. Ultimately it’s a game of survival wherein the humanity has changed all the rules.

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  1. Agreed. We’re tearing up this planet with all our combustables and air pollution! I think it’s one of those cases where humanity has decided to close the barn doors AFTER the horses ran away. We’ve decided to take care of the planet AFTER we deplete it of it’s natural resources! Even that is a broad statement, because everyone is NOT on board the take-care-of-our-planet bus!

    So to survive as long as possible and to make your journey a little easier, we have some great survival kits and supplies at our website. Follow the link to Family Survival Solutions. Get a kit, make a plan, keep informed!

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