Humans Role in Intensifying Natural Disasters – Survival Game

Keshav Saini

Keshav Saini is a green blogger from India. Environment About is his first project and an ongoing effort to spread awareness about various environmental issues.

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1 Response

  1. Agreed. We’re tearing up this planet with all our combustables and air pollution! I think it’s one of those cases where humanity has decided to close the barn doors AFTER the horses ran away. We’ve decided to take care of the planet AFTER we deplete it of it’s natural resources! Even that is a broad statement, because everyone is NOT on board the take-care-of-our-planet bus!

    So to survive as long as possible and to make your journey a little easier, we have some great survival kits and supplies at our website. Follow the link to Family Survival Solutions. Get a kit, make a plan, keep informed!

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