Climate Change Mitigation Measures – Solutions to Climate Change

Current Scenario of Climate Change:

The urgency of climate change mitigation is now far more apparent with new observations indicating that on many fronts, climate change and its impacts are occurring faster than expected. The global emission of heat trapping carbon dioxide has jumped to a record amount, according to the latest research conducted by US Department of Energy. Data suggests that the emissions of greenhouse gases have crossed the worst case scenario limits outlined by climatologists.

Increased anthropogenic production of other gases such as methane (CH4) also contributes to climate change, but carbon dioxide has been a focus of concern because it is emitted in much greater volume. In year 2010 alone, the world pumped in nearly 564m tons extra carbon into the atmosphere than the emission in year 2009. This indicates an increased rate of whopping 6%. Three nation that contributed majorly in greenhouse gases emissions were US, China and India.

Climate Change Mitigation Measures:

By this time, you should have felt the need for climate change mitigation and proposing measures which can curb the emission of greenhouse gases into atmosphere. Outlined below are some of the measures suggested by IPCC:

  • Implementing cost-effective fuel switching measures from high carbon fuels to low or zero carbon fuels such as renewables.
  • Implementing energy efficiency measures and providing global platforms for energy efficiency improvement programs.
  • Improving existing policies and practices to limit emissions e.g controlling subsidies on fuels.
  • Measures to raise and expand carbon sinks that trap carbon dioxide such as forest management and proper land management etc.
  • Improving technology and developing techniques to control methane, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gas emissions from the source.
  • Pre-planning for the adaptation to climate change consequences in the worst case scenario.
  • Promoting the use of non-fossil energy sources and conducting research to reduce emissions from existing fossil fuels.
  • Revising and implementing current energy efficiency standards globally to check emissions.
  • International collaboration among various climate groups and organizations to better understand the causes and impacts of climate change.
  • Continued research to reduce critical scientific uncertainties and improve existing climate models for better predictions of climate change.
  • Promoting environmental education and awareness training in schools and colleges for climate change and associated environmental issues.
  • Conducting volunteer programs and forming regional action groups to implement climate change mitigation measures.

The earth’s climate is so complex that human alterations to the atmosphere amount to an “experiment” having an unknown and possibly life threatening outcome. Alteration on a regional level will not have its impacts on regional level alone, climate change is a global phenomenon. So all the nations should work together under collaboration and support mitigation measures for climate change.

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