Greenpeace International Exposed Asia Pulp and Paper for deforestation

BUSTED: Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) caught red handed!

Greenpeace International has uncovered evidence of illegal deforestation of the internationally protected tree species “Ramin” which grows in the natural habitat of the endangered Sumatran Tiger by the world’s largest paper and pulp manufacturer Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) . Some of the international companies involved in business with APP include Xerox, National Geographic and Danone.

These rainforests are home to Sumatran Tigers which are facing the risk of extinction and also home to rare tree species “Ramin”. Only 400 tigers remain in these forests and if this illegal deforestation continue to happen, the tigers will soon become extinct as these forests are critical for their survival.

An year long investigation by Greenpeace International has busted APP (Asia Pulp and Paper) using Sumatran rainforest timber at their pulp mills. APP has long been denying of any illegal logging but the investigation by Greenpeace Internal has proved that the Ramin logs are mixed with other logs and regularly feed into the mills. The sample collected by undercover agents from Greenpeace International are confirmed to be of Ramin by internationally recognized experts.

Zero tolerance for illegal wood!

These are not my words. These five words are from a tweet posted by Asia Pulp and Paper that say a lot but mean a little to the company itself involved in illegal deforestation.

zero tolerance for illegal woodAct With Us:

International companies like Xerox, Walmart, Acer, Countdown, Mondi, National Geographic, Danone etc. are doing business with Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) and indirectly promoting this illegal deforestation.

Tell these companies to stop doing business with APP until they clean up their act!

Visit to send an email to the CEOs of these companies and help us stop this illegal deforestation and save Sumatran Tigers.

Responses to our Article:

In response to our article published yesterday about the Greenpeace International’s allegation against APP (Asia Pulp and Paper) doing illegal deforestation and using Internationally Protected tree species “Ramin” in their pulp mills, we have got following statements from respective companies.

APP (Asia Pulp and Paper):

APP is grateful to Greenpeace for bringing this report to our attention. We take very seriously any evidence of violation of the regulations concerning the protection of endangered tree species. APP will now study the allegations very closely. A specialist APP team has been sent to the Indah Kiat mill to determine whether there is any substance to the claims. We will inform our stakeholders once this process is completed.

National Geographic:

National Geographic has been erroneously targeted by Greenpeace, who did not speak to us prior to posting their blog regarding Asia Pulp & Paper. We no longer use materials supplied by this company and have not for several years. National Geographic Society is committed to sourcing sustainable products and controlling the materials used in the production to the greatest extent possible. National Geographic Society and its subsidiaries require that all products manufactured and delivered for NGS comply with all local and national laws and regulations. The purchaser and/or manufacturer must ensure that all supplied paper and other materials conform to the Lacey Act as amended in May 2008. In addition, any materials, paper or other forest product must be sourced in compliance with internationally accepted forestry protocols. No paper or other materials shall be derived from high-conservation-value forests or other illegal sources. All materials must be harvested sustainably.

We highly appreciate these companies for taking time to clear their stand on the issue and providing their valuable feedback.

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