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Guest blog post by Donna Peterson

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Spring cleaning comes without fail year after year. And every year you tear through your home like a tornado thinking “it’s been a year already?” Scrubbing the tub, mopping every nook and cranny in your kitchen and organizing your home is one big blur as you spend a week cleaning. But the rewards are wonderful: the house is clean and ready for spring and summer festivities, the old air from winter is flushed out with warm sunshine and springtime flowers.

Every year I tell myself I will stop collecting odds and ends for craft projects (easier said than done) and make a conscious effort to start cleaning with green products. Through the years I have found the best method for me: the “three box” method. While de-cluttering the home, think about what you want to keep, toss and store. Find a new place for your “keep” items. For those “toss” items, think about donating them to Goodwill or any other donation charity and toss what they don’t accept. For all those storage items, like extra holiday decorations, unclebobs.com storage rental has a great reputation and excellent prices as well.

Once the home is organized, it’s time to clean. With a few cleaning products your home will be smelling fresh as rain and by using green and eco-friendly products, you would have done your part for the environment.

Green Works:

Green Works was created by Clorox as an environment-friendly alternative product. The cleaner is free of harsh chemical fumes and won’t leave a grimy, greasy residue after use. Green Works is made with plant and mineral-based ingredients and biodegradable ingredients that are naturally derived, according to their site. Their efforts have even been recognized by EPA’s Design for the Environment program, making it a great go-to cleaner.

Simple Green:

Whatever you wish to clean, Simple Green has the product. From all-purpose cleaners and laundry detergents to glass cleaners and degreaser, this company has it all. All of their products are non-toxic and biodegradable. Their products are from concentrate, so you can custom dilute Simple Green to clean just about anything. According to their site, you can use this product to clean floors, walls, pots and pans, windows, sinks, drains, greasy tools and laundry.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions:

Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, club soda are all inexpensive solutions you can use to clean your home just as successfully as store bought products. The Queen of Clean Linda Cobb recommends using white vinegar for cleaning up soap scum and mildew, and baking soda on smells. And Cobb’s book “A Queen For All Seasons” touches on the importance of club soda for spills and that lemon juice is a natural bleach.

If you find your garbage disposal smelling funky, grind some lemon or orange rinds and ice cubes in the disposal to keep it clean and sharpen the blades.

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