Dealing with Noise Pollution – Something To Shout About

With cities growing denser every year, noise pollution is becoming a major concern for both residents and construction companies alike. From strict public limits to the potential for local complaints, limiting noise on a construction site has become a top priority for many of the nation’s top firms.

Unfortunately, noise and construction tend to go hand in hand. From machinery to discussion, a large part of the construction process involves, well, being noisy. It’s a tough problem to solve – after all, you can’t simply work more quietly, can you?

These three tactics and strategies will allow you to reduce noise on your construction projects, lowering the risk of complaints and legal issues. From generators to simple noise management tactics, apply the three following ideas to limit noise while you’re building the world’s finest new structures.

Work during noise-friendly hours:

One of the easiest ways to reduce noise pollution complaints is to avoid working in the hours that attract the most complaints. Most people are particularly sensitive to loud noises in the early morning and late night, particularly during sleeping hours.

As such, one of the easiest ways to reduce your total number of noise complaints is to avoid working during noise-sensitive hours. Start a little later and finish later in the evening to avoid the dreaded early morning noise pollution complaints.

Isolate your noise-producing machines:

Not all construction noise can be eliminated. However, you can greatly reduce your total noise pollution by isolating your noise-producing machines – generators, high-powered equipment, and diesel engines – in one section of your construction site.

Group all of your noisy machines together and try to operate them in the section of your construction site that’s furthest away from residential buildings. You can often reduce complaints by moving noisy equipment closer to trees and foliage, which will ‘soak up’ construction noise and reduce its effect on nearby residents.

There is even a range of generators called Voltsafe generators with the primary purpose of reducing the noise output on site.

Encourage the use of double-glazed windows:

Eliminating noise pollution complaints starts with enforcing the use of noise-proof construction materials. One of the best ways to reduce noise complaints, not just for yourself but for all construction crews, is to encourage more buildings to use noise-proof construction materials that prevent noise from ‘leaking’ into the building.

Many modern offices achieve maximum productivity even when next door to a noisy construction site. Why? Because they use high quality construction materials to stop everyday noise from becoming a productivity-killing distraction.

The author, Nick, is writing on behalf of Mather and Stuart, the UK’s leading experts in emergency power equipment, Voltsafe generators, and other essential items for safe and reliable electricity. Visit their website to learn more about noise and eco-friendly electricity.

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