Why it is necessary to save the environment – Facts and Solutions

Keshav Saini

Keshav Saini is a green blogger from India. Environment About is his first project and an ongoing effort to spread awareness about various environmental issues.

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  1. Ger says:

    Quote:We need to develop technologies that can deliver without polluting the environment. Renewable Energy offers an encouraging array of technologies for both the near future and long-term planning. If only half of these new technologies come into regular use, society will have created a very good chance at saving the Earth from its dangerous course.

    The techniques are there already. Take your pick, identify the source to use and go ahead. No not only half, all should be exercised. As it is clear (to me) that the main problem of renewable is the energy-density: it means that gathering the input will take quite an amount of installations. Everything ready to employ should be employed. Breaking it down and re-use is always possible.
    As temperature is changing, climate patterns will change as well. Be prepared to move most fit technology around the globe to harness the potential at the best spots.

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