Steps taken by Government of India to save Energy

Keshav Saini

Keshav Saini is a green blogger from India. Environment About is his first project and an ongoing effort to spread awareness about various environmental issues.

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7 Responses

  1. Pratik Rach says:

    Good to know our government is finally doing something about conserving energy, better late than never, here something interesting which will help you think why we need to start conserving energy.

  2. muzaffar says:

    good information on enviornment

  3. saurabh goenka says:

    great information…..will suggest it to all my friends for our geog. project…

  4. jhansi says:

    i will also try to save energy as much i an

  5. jhansi says:

    i can suggest all my friends to save the energy as they can

  6. shubham bhatnagar says:

    very nice efforts to make people aware about the ways energy conservation.

  7. Neha.K.S says:

    the information was very useful and meaningful

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