Effect of environmental pollutants on human health

Keshav Saini

Keshav Saini is a green blogger from India. Environment About is his first project and an ongoing effort to spread awareness about various environmental issues.

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13 Responses

  1. Atreyee Chakraborty says:

    Useful but its not that I want. I can’t get it anywhere but still its very very useful & we have to beware of this injury to all of our life as well as our health.

  2. Alisha rai says:

    Well..it really helps students to complete their school work..

  3. lakshaya says:

    iam a school student 9it was useful for me in understanding iit subjects

  4. katryn says:

    it wasn’t wat i really wanted
    i wanted “the impact of environmental pollution on humans”
    instead i got sumthin else……. it was kinda helpfull though

  5. babirohilla says:

    what is bone marrow? tell me briefly

  6. Aaditya says:

    Visual proof of how the activities of human beings affect the environment/animals around us.


  7. sanath says:

    it truly affects the environment and animals around us.

  8. Siaka says:

    Thanks. I have understood the question i asked.

  9. LYNNAH OTIENO says:

    I wanted ‘how contamination of environment affect human health’ But even this, has helped me a great deal.

  10. aancha goyal says:

    save environment ……. save life

  11. Very Nicely written. We also write environmental related blog for awareness. please visit.


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