Effect of environmental pollutants on human health

Health effects of environmental pollutantsPollutants are not only a threat to our ecosystem but also pose a great health hazard to human beings. Pollutants are the contaminated byproducts that causes instability or harm to our environment and ecosystem. These pollutants can be naturally occurring or man made and can be in the form of contaminants or energy such as noise and harmful radiations.

Pollutants can be categorized into various categories and sections but they all have negative effects on human health though the impact can be different depending on the exposure and intensity of pollutants.

Broadly the pollutants are categorized into air pollutants, water pollutants and land pollutants.

Below I have compiled a list of pollutants with their effect on human health and well being:

Pollutant Type

Effect on Human Beings

HC Lung cancer and stomach cancer.
Pb Bone marrow, poisoning and even brain hemorrhage canĀ  occur.
CO Leads to heart diseases, tuberculosis, brain and lungs congestion, pneumonia, strokes etc.
SOx Causes cardiac disorders and respiratory infections.
Aerosols Asthma, acute respiratory infections.
SP Respiratory epithelium (Tissues destruction).
NOx Chronic bronchitis and and pulmonary edema.
Acrolein Irritation in eyes
Ozone Irritation, coughing and exhaustion, headache etc.
Aldehydes Respiratory tract carcinoma

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12 Responses to Effect of environmental pollutants on human health
  1. Atreyee Chakraborty

    Useful but its not that I want. I can’t get it anywhere but still its very very useful & we have to beware of this injury to all of our life as well as our health.

    • Give me more information on environmental pollution effect on human health

  2. Alisha rai

    Well..it really helps students to complete their school work..

    • devika

      yaa truee u r Rite :P alisha rai

  3. lakshaya

    iam a school student 9it was useful for me in understanding iit subjects

  4. katryn

    it wasn’t wat i really wanted
    i wanted “the impact of environmental pollution on humans”
    instead i got sumthin else……. it was kinda helpfull though

  5. babirohilla

    what is bone marrow? tell me briefly

  6. Visual proof of how the activities of human beings affect the environment/animals around us.


  7. sanath

    it truly affects the environment and animals around us.

  8. Siaka

    Thanks. I have understood the question i asked.


    I wanted ‘how contamination of environment affect human health’ But even this, has helped me a great deal.

  10. aancha goyal

    save environment ……. save life

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