The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, India

Keshav Saini

Keshav Saini is a green blogger from India. Environment About is his first project and an ongoing effort to spread awareness about various environmental issues.

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6 Responses

  1. solairaj.j says:

    please send me at present where the hunting is taking place

    • Keshav Saini says:

      Hunting and illegal poaching takes place everywhere. It’s only the matter of when the cases gets highlightened and when there are recovery of animal parts. Otherwise it is very difficult to tell where the hunting is going on at present.

  2. ankit says:

    lets all shoot the shooterzzzzzzzz…………..

  3. H.K.Goutam says:

    Your effort to sum up whole wild life act really help the students to understand and i consider it as a commendable job.


  4. Sewa Singh ( sewak Banwait) says:

    Dear Kesav Saini,
    The wildlife protaction act has been defined very well in nut shell by you, but some of the sections are confusing, since not conclusive. I therefore seek your clarification on some clauses. Chapter V deals with commerce & trade of schedule animals/articles as per title. Its clause 40 do not deal with declaration of cured trophies held individually, but still, certificate of ownership is issued under section 41?

    Secondly,on transfer of trophy from liscence issuing state/UT to any other state in India under sec 42(2), jurisdiction of which CWW will be applicable?

    Thirdly, Sec 45 deals with suspension/cancillation of liscence issued under sec 44 (trade/ commerce items only). Certificate of ownership issued for non commercial trophies is not covered under this. Plz advise?

    Similarily section 46 (appeals) apply to action taken under section 45 and 44. Does sec 46 apply to non commercial liscenced trophies owned individually.

    Lastly to my mind, entire act apply to trade/commercial activities such as hunting, Museuem, Zoo, Circus and trade in schedule animals and article. the act is silent Indivisually owned, personally possessed animals/ trophies, though liscenced under this act.

    Sewak Banwait ( saini).

  5. Celena says:

    You didn’t go through the whole act, you liar! One can easily tell that from your so called “summary”.

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