Radioactive pollution and its effects on human beings

What is Radioactive Pollution?

Radioactive pollution can be defined as the emission of high energy particles or radioactive substance into air, water or land due to human activities in the form of radioactive waste. Radioactive waste is usually the product of a nuclear process such as nuclear fission, which is extensively used in nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons and other nuclear fuel-cycles.

The radioactivity of nuclear waste diminishes with time. That means the waste needs to be isolated from the reach of living beings until it no longer pose a threat to living beings. This time period may take from days to months and to years depending upon the radioactive nature of the waste.

Radioactive Pollution by Nuclear ExplosionRadioactive pollution that is spread through the earth’s atmosphere is called “Fallout”. The atmospheric nuclear pollution become prominent during the world war 2 period when United States, Britain and Soviet Union started conducting nuclear tests in the atmosphere. The best example of fallout is the nuclear bomb attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in 1945 by United States of America during world war 2.

As a result of nuclear bomb attack, nearly 2,25,000 people had died as a result of long-term exposure to radiation from the bomb blast within 5 years of attack due to radiation effect and cancer.

In land and water, the major source of radioactive pollution remains with the nuclear fuel cycle. The nuclear fuel cycle is used in nuclear power plants, extraction and refinement of materials from nuclear substance to be used in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons, where the contaminants are left behind after the useful material (Nuclear Isotope) is extracted.

Effects of Radioactive Pollution on human beings:

The effects of radioactive pollution or exposure to nuclear radiations were first reported in early 20th century when people working in uranium mines suffered from skin burn and cancer. The effects vary from organism to organism and from level of radioactivity of nuclear isotopes. The radiations destroy the cells in human body and causes cancer.

Radioactive particles forms ions when it reacts with biological molecules. These ions then form free radicals which slowly and steadily start destroying proteins, membranes, and nucleic acids. A longer exposure to radioactive radiations can damage the DNA cells that results in cancer, genetic defects for the generations to come and even death.

Sources of radioactive contaminants:

Following are the major sources where most of the radioactive waste is generated and is responsible for causing radioactive pollution:

  • Production of nuclear fuel
  • Nuclear power reactors
  • Use of Radionuclides in industries for various applications
  • Nuclear tests carried out by Defense Personnel
  • Disposal of nuclear waste
  • Uranium Mining

Frequency and Duration of Radioactive Pollution:

Atmospheric pollution is not a constant or regular phenomenon and therefore the frequency and duration of pollution will vary with time and conditions. The three major types of conditions exists

Continuous pollution: This type of condition exists in uranium mines, nuclear reactors, test labs etc. where the humans are under continuous exposure to radioactive contaminants and protective clothing is required to avoid radiation exposure.

Accidental Pollution: This type of condition exists during accidental exposure to radiations by virtue of equipment failure, radiation leak, faulty protective equipment etc.

Occasional Pollution: This condition exists during isolated experiment or test of nuclear substance.

Documentary: Hiroshima Nuclear Bomb Attack Impacts

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21 Responses to Radioactive pollution and its effects on human beings
  1. Very informative post. A harsh remainder of the destructive effects of nuclear weapons.

  2. Nikki

    the United States Government started The whole Atomic Bomb testing. Over Time other countries began Testing the bombs which have a high level of radioactivity. Because of the radioactivity, there is a high rate of cancer.

    • Siphora

      Due to the carcinogen-incorporated chemicals.

  3. Piggy

    This remembers me about the bomb blast in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.You can add a few more points about this pollution.It will be helpful to know more about that.

  4. Monica

    Recent nuclear accident in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is also a good example of radioactive pollution. People were terrified and were forced to leave their homes due to radioactive pollution.

  5. Radioactive Waste

    Exposure to radioactivity can cause serious health problems and and can even cause death. There are basically three levels of radioactive matter associated with radioactive pollution

    Alpha matter, beta matter and gamma matter, alpha being the least dangerous and gamma being the most dangerous among three.

    The most effective way to curb radioactive pollution is strong legislation. Governments should enact strong laws for carefully monitoring radioactive waste.

  6. Although it is not generally accepted that nuclear process are conducted but there are still places that are favor of this one. And this one can help in the production of nuclear wastes and even pollution.

  7. radioactive pollution is one of the unconventional issues that we are facing right now.

  8. What are the health hazards from exposure to sunlight(morning/noon/ evening/eclipse),X-ray,Scanning, welding etc in addition to Radioactive and electromagnetic radiation?.

    • julie

      Man made radiation is worse than natural radiation. Man made radiation is like technetium, mined from molybdenum in the Moly Cow generator, then injected into you or your pets for CT scans, they use technetium aka TC 99 or brand names, cardiolite, etc. If ingested stays in the body over a month, so that medical literature is BS. CT scans use radiation inside you if contrasted and also emit radiation to you.
      MRI’s inject the radiation INTO you, along with metal. which can separate from the radioactive chelate, DTPA. like an M&M, metal inside, radioactive coating outside, metal destroys kidneys if not already, causes fibrosis throughout the body, very painful, I have + skin biopsy and blood levels of gadolinium metal.

      Natural radiation, sunlight, about 1-3.5mSv in one year! or the = of 1 CXR. AVOID all contrasted scans, IV< oral, injected, avoid all radionuclide. know this tracer TC 99 is being put into common medications, Rx and OTC. alerts NME, also some dyes in medications have metal in them. some meds have povodine, which is Iodine, in the outer surfaces of the tablet or other. Iodine is toxic to the kidneys and other tissue.

      Search technetium go to health effects of gadolinium toxicity, ignore the atty info, you need a skin bx for proof of NSF, but can have other sx, like I have, even in the eyes/glare/halos/pain/
      search The Plutonium Files and Rocky Flats, Golden,CO and the book, a Citizens Investigation was done over the course of 10 years, Rocky Flats is not avail for human use.

  9. jasmin

    please try to avoid ll type of pollution.keep the city green

  10. keerthu

    it”s very exiting to admire the aspects of radioactive pollution.

  11. Umar

    This is a great job, you want to save people’s life may Allah also save yours

    • Siphora

      There is no such thing as some stupid allah ddumb ass umar. get your head out of ur ass -_-

  12. gurjant singh randhawa

    Please save environment

  13. Umar

    This is a very nice job, pls. continue providing solution to the society and may Allah increase you in knowledge.

  14. monalisa

    nigeria needs help in such cases from a developed country because they realy need to advise the public on this issue

  15. Bhargav

    Our government has to take steps to avoid the production of nuclear fuel and power reactors

  16. deepali sehgal

    This is the cause of human foolishness only

  17. Olaosebikan

    i would want to be given more information on mobile phones mast radioactive pollution.

  18. Siphora


    Stop spreading your religious theories all overthe damn site! No one needs to hear your lies and garbage about allah. Keep it your damn self. -_-

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