GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) – Stuff From Science Fiction

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) are organisms that have been injected with foreign DNA like bacteria, viruses and other animal DNA (even human!). Some are injected with “Round Up” (a pesticide). This process is called Genetic Engineering and is used to create desired characteristics and traits in the injected organism. This process is different from natural breeding. Two horses can mate to create a new variety, but with Genetic Engineering, people forcefully combine DNA between two very different organisms that could NEVER have naturally mated to produce an offspring. One example is the injecting of spider DNA into goats so that they can produce a milk with spider web protein which would have been used in bullet-proof vests (of course this failed.)

This sounds like something from science-fiction, but sadly it is very, very real. Thousands of animals are used in experiments that are strange and unnatural. Pigs are injected with jellyfish DNA to see if their noses will glow in the dark! Salmon are Genetically Engineered to grow extremely large, extremely fast.

This unnaturally rapid growth and foreign DNA causes many internal problems within the poor animals. DNA mutations occur, toxins are formed, and potentially malignant masses form. All of these poor animals are victims to cruel experiments that do nothing but satisfy science-fiction fantasies!

Animals are not the only victims of Genetic Engineering. Humans unknowingly consume GMOs everyday! Crops such as corn and soy have been Genetically Engineered to either produce their own insecticides or be resilient to toxic pesticides and herbicides. These plants are called poison producers and poison drinkers. Poison producers are plants that produce their own insecticides that causes the insects that consume it to explode from the inside. Poison drinkers are plants that can withstand the toxic effects of herbicides that kill weeds.

Corn and soy are in the majority of processed foods available to the public and they are NOT labeled whether or not they are GMO. GMO foods are linked to cancer, allergies, asthma, DNA mutations, and other chronic diseases. Despite assurances of safety by bio-tech companies, studies show that GMOs cause unintended side effects and cannot be completely deemed safe for consumption.

The environment┬á is also effected by GMOs. Fields that contain GMO crops have chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides regularly applied to kill “unwanted pests”. However, these “unwanted pests” are the foundations to a healthy ecosystem. The constant killing of insects and small plants deplete food sources for larger animals. This causes an imbalance in the natural food chain and can cause devastating effects to whole ecosystems.

Also, the chemicals from the fertilizers and pesticides pollute the air, water, and soil. So ecosystems and habitats outside the GMO fields are effected. Water sources are tainted with toxic chemicals and soon carry these chemicals to the ocean, where the chemicals are carried worldwide.

To help fight back against GMOs, join the Organic Consumers Association or support Jeffrey Smith and the Institute for Responsible Technology.


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